Friday, November 6, 2009

Cold enough for snow in the Catskills!

The leaves are down and the weather is crisp and chilly! Feels like snow any day now! Belleayre Ski Center is a bustle with preparations for the ski season-opening day is November 14th. The phone is ringing with inquiries for winter stays. President's week is in big demand as always. We are hoping for lots of natural snow so we can snowshoe on Breezy Hill. Last winter I often put on my snowshoes and set out for the top of the property. I love those clear brisk day when the sunshine dances off the snow. The trek up the mountain to the property line, a typical stone wall that divides the former grazing fields from the farmhouse surround, is rewarded by a magnificent view of the Halcott valley in one direction and a view of the ski trails of Highmont and Belleayre. Come join us at Breezy Hill Inn for a luxury in the country!