Friday, January 15, 2010

Ideal Conditions at Bellearye!

After serving our guests breakfast of yogurt with honey and granola followed by crepes filled with homemade applesauce and plum jam,  we headed to the slopes. There won't be time to ski this holiday weekend so we made time this morning. The conditions at Belleayre are ideal. There has been a consistent nightly snowfall of an inch almost every night for 10 days. We were not disappointed! My favorite part of Belleayre Ski Center are the western slopes. Tomahawk lift soars up to Dot Neble run which was closed our first time up the lift put was open later in the morning. The views are spectacular and the skiing the same! So come up, spend a couple of days with us and ski Belleayre for only $24 when you stay at Breezy Hill Inn!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catskill Snow Means Great Skiing at Belleayre!

The Christmas through New Year's week was chock-a-block with guests at the Inn. So many lovely folks and the conversation around the dining room table was lively, friendly and filled with skiing lore. I skied on Saturday as the snow was coming down; the conditions were terrific although I wish the snowboarders weren't so aggressive! I like to get on the mountain early and hit the top before it gets skied off. After Sunday's 4-6 inches and the daily snow fall of the week's forecast that won't be a problem this week! Here's a picture of the Inn from Sunday as the snow was falling. Enjoy the snow!