Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Turns to Fall

It has been a long time since I have sat down to write this blog; I am not sure what has caused the hiatus but, frankly, I have missed writing and I am back again. This summer has been extremely busy at Breezy Hill Inn. We have hosted guests for several weddings and still have more coming up in the next few weeks. This past weekend, the parents of a groom who was married to his lovely bride on a farm in the Halcott Valley stayed at the Inn. The newly married couple were here as well and it was a joy to see so many happy people share in the couple's special day. 

Our part of the Catskills is drawing brides and grooms from all over the country. They are getting married in restored barns, in meadows, under tents in off the beaten track hallows and introducing their guests to the beauty of the Central Catskills. We have a barn here at Breezy Hill Inn and we are thinking about cleaning it out and turning it into an event space. If we do, I will chronicle the work and post updated photos for all to see.

Today the weather is perfect, temperatures are in the seventies, there is a gentle breeze and the color on
the trees indicates that fall is not far behind. This has been an extremely dry summer and I am hoping that the leaves will not turn to quickly. Fall is spectacular in the Catskills; the colors range from orange to red and every shade in between. As lovely as summer is, the crisp days and cool night of fall are refreshing and always invigorating.

Time to start thinking about hiking. Come visit us for Indian summer and enjoys the last weeks of the harvest.
Catskill Innkeeper