Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guests at the Inn

This weekend we have guests at the Inn who are returning to the home of some of their childhood memories. One guest spent her summers here in Fleischmanns as a young girl. In fact, she stayed with her family in this house many summers in a row. She and her husband are staying in the blue room which was the room she slept in as a child.

Two other guests are former campers at Limberlake Camp in Shandaken and are reliving their camper years attending activities at the camp in celebration of the camp's 50th anniversary. they are delighted to see familiar faces ad full of stories from their camper years.

So what is it about the Catkills that draws people back? Great memories of care free days, the beauty of the mountains or its fresh air or nostalgia for another time in their lives. All of the foregoing! The Catskills is not just steeped in the past. Today we have farmers markets with abundant produce, galleries filled with fabulous art and crafts, music festivals with top performers and hiking, birdwatching, canoeing and kayakings, fishing etc.

A weekend in the Catsklls will refresh you and make you feel better about the world!